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Lasik Video

The video above follows patient Sherma Jones as she undergoes Lasik. Documenting her before, during and after the procedure, the video will give you a good idea of what to expect if you choose Eye Physicians, PC as your provider.

Step 1: Pre-screening & Testing

The first step in the corrective surgery process is a visit to your Ophthalmologist for pre-screening to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure. During Sherma's visit, she underwent a number of painless tests before meeting with Dr. Diedrichsen to discuss her surgical options.

Step 2: The Lasik Procedure

Once you've passed the screening, it's time to schedule your surgery. Sherma discusses the pre-surgery preparations, as well as what it was like on surgery day and in the operating room. She describes how quickly the procedure was completed.

Step 3: Follow-up & Results

All patients come in for a check-up the day after surgery. Recovery time can vary from person to person, but Sherma – who had her surgery on a Friday – was back to work on Monday. She discusses the moments immediately following surgery, as well as the long-term results of her procedure.


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