Patient Information

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Patient InformationThis section will help you come prepared, whether it’s for a standard eye examination, contact lens exam, or surgery.

Patient Forms

Upon arriving at the office you will be greeted by one of our receptionists and welcomed to our practice. We will request that you fill out our Patient Forms that give us demographic and insurance information about you. We will ask to copy all insurance cards for our files and if you have vision insurance, we would ask that you bring that information with you also.


The technician will take you to the first exam room where she will take your medical history and check your visual acuity. From there, the technician may do further tests that have been requested by the doctor. The technician may or may not check your pressures or dilate your eyes.

Special testing includes:

  • Visual Field (measures your peripheral vision)
  • Cirrus OCT (optic nerve and macula health)
  • IOL Master (cataract surgery measurement)
  • Oculus Pentacam (refractive surgery measurement)
  • Auto Refractometry (refractive error measurement)
  • Wave Scan (refractive surgery measurement)
  • Corneal Topography (corneal surface measurement)
  • Shirmer’s Test (tear production)
  • Pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement)
  • Fluorescein Angiogram (pictures of the inside of the eye)

After reviewing your medical history and symptoms, the doctor will do a:

  • Slit Lamp Exam (assesses the outside of the eye)
  • Funduscopic Exam (assesses the inside of the eye)

Contact Lens Examination

If you have never worn contact lenses before, the doctor or technician will insert a trial pair of contact lenses on your eyes. The doctor will check your vision and the fit of the contact lenses. The technician will then instruct you on how to insert and remove the contact lenses and she will work with you until you feel comfortable with the procedure of insertion and removal of the contact lenses. You will be given sample solutions to take home and a return appointment will be made in 1-2 weeks. At the return appointment the technician will check your visual acuity and the doctor will recheck the fit. If the doctor is satisfied with the visual acuity and fit, a supply of contact lenses will be ordered for you.

If you have worn contact lenses previously, we may give you trial lenses in your new prescription and order a new supply of contact lenses with the new prescription.

The fitting fee for contact lenses varies so please ask one of our technicians about the fitting fee.

Report of Findings

After all the testing has been completed, the doctor will give you the results of the testing and recommendations for treatment. At this time the doctor will answer any questions that you have regarding your diagnosis and treatment. Please ask any question you might have.

If you Need Surgery

If the doctor recommends surgery and you would like to schedule surgery you will be escorted to the Surgery Coordinator’s office where an appointment is scheduled for

  • The surgery
  • An appointment for a Pre-op History and Physical with your family physician
  • An appointment for your post op exam with your optometrist, if indicated

At this time your Instructions for Surgery will be reviewed with you and any prescription medications will be given to you at this time.

Our doctors and technicians are always available for questions so please do not hesitate to call our office any time.

After your Exam

At the completion of your exam if you would like to order new glasses with your current prescription or a new one, you will be escorted to our full service optical where you can choose from hundreds of frames in all price ranges and styles from conservative to designer. Please ask one of our opticians for assistance when you arrive at the dispensary. We also have a full line of non-prescription sunglasses. In our dispensary we have the latest technology in:

  • Single vision lenses
  • No-line bifocal lenses
  • Lined bifocal lenses
  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Transitions Lenses
  • Specialized athletic eyewear
  • Safety glasses
  • Wide range of accessories