Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses

Some people wear contacts as their main source of vision correction whereas others may just wear them for occupational or sports and recreational needs. Whether you wear contacts full time or are just a weekend wearer, the doctors at Eye Physicians are here to identify the best contact lens options for you and your lifestyle.

At your contact lens examination, the doctors ensure that the contact lens fits properly, the vision is corrected appropriately and all questions about the responsibilities of caring for contacts are answered. Everyone should be seen yearly for eye exams to examine your ocular health even if you do not already wear glasses. If you do need correction, a glasses prescription is found during the exam. This information is not enough to prescribe contact lenses and other measurements must be evaluated for the contact lens fitting.

Eye Physicians fits all soft contact lenses including daily disposables, and those that are replaced biweekly and monthly. We also offer gas permeable (GP) contact lenses and specialty contacts for those that need or want them for visual correction.

Myopia is what causes nearsightedness. This is when you cannot see things far away. Hyperopia is also called farsightedness, this affects people differently depending on the age and degree of hyperopia. Contact lenses can be used correct both myopia and hyperopia.

Astigmatism is when light rays focus at different points in the eye leading to blurry vision. The most common cause of astigmatism is a difference in curvature in the front part of the eye (cornea). Many people need contacts that correct astigmatism. These are called toric contact lenses. These contacts are designed to hold power in a specific place to make sure that the light is refracted correctly to give us good vision.

Presbyopia is the loss of the ability to focus on something up close and usually happens between ages 38 to 52. If you are at the point in your life that you are needing correction to see small print, we have many options to help achieve a glasses free lifestyle. These contacts are called multifocals and help you see distance and near in the same contact lens. The goal for these contacts is to help the patient see most things, most of the time and many patients do so well they often no longer have the need for any reading glasses.

Contact lens evaluation at Eye Physicians includes:

  • the lifestyle evaluation to determine which contact lens that would most satisfy your needs
  • ocular health exam
  • determination of correct power of contact lens
  • trial set of contact lenses
  • evaluation of the contact lens fit
  • instructions on care and initial training as needed
  • follow up care as directed by your doctor.

Contact lenses are an important part of visual correction to give you great vision with independence from glasses. All Eye Physicians doctors keep up on the latest advancements to offer you the most up-to-date brands and designs which helps you achieve your best vision. Contact lens fittings for patients with high astigmatism, multifocal needs, and specialty fits are routinely available due to the high volume of contact lens kits carried by each of our offices.

We participate in many vision and medical plans and offer significant discounts to our loyal patients who have their eyes examined at our office.