Payment & Insurance

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We work with you to make payment and insurance processes simple. If you have any questions regarding your exam or billing, please be sure to ask any member of our staff.

Eye Physicians, P.C. is a Platinum level participant with the VSP Global Premier program vision plan.

About The VSP Premier Program

Eye care is more than an eye exam it’s an experience. With the VSP Global Premier program, you’ll get the most out of your eye care experience at Eye Physicians, P.C.

The premier program offers you the latest eye care technology, advanced-care services using the latest high-tech exam equipment, and featured offers. You’ll get the most out of your benefits in the simplest and most straight-forward way possible. Choose the Premier experience and see the difference.

VSP Premier Benefits:

Great choices in eyewear:

  • Wide selection of featured frame brands available.

Eyewear Protection:

  • Featured frame brands are backed by a one-year worry-free warranty if your glasses are damaged or broken. Get great savings on replacement lenses as well.

Preventative eye care:

  • Participates in the VSP Eye Health Management Program for early detection of eye health conditions and the support to help ensure you stay on top of regular care, like exam reminders.

Performance lenses for sharp vision:

  • The latest High-definition lens technology with UNITY® digital lenses available.

Advanced eye exam:

  • High-tech exam equipment, like retinal imaging technology, can monitor changes inside your eyes.


At the conclusion of your visit to our office, the receptionist will visit with you regarding your charges. We will submit any appropriate charges to your insurance company. Your refraction fee is normally not covered by insurance plans and you will be asked to pay that as well as any co-pays at the time of your exam. We accept:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Cash or Check

We will send you a Return Reminder for your next eye exam. Thank you for your confidence in Eye Physicians for your vision care.


Please be sure to bring all insurance cards with you to your appointment. We will make copies of your cards for your file.

We will file your claim to your medical insurance if you have a medical diagnosis. The insurance payment will depend on your deductible and co-insurance. We will bill you for the amount that is due after the insurance company files your claim.

The refraction is the part of the eye exam where the doctor determines what prescription will be ground into your lenses or contact lenses. Insurance companies normally do not cover this portion of the exam.

If you have vision insurance coverage, please be aware that this insurance is for those patients who desire to have a routine eye exam to change their glasses or contact lenses. Please be sure to tell the receptionist if you have routine vision coverage. We are providers for some routine vision plans but not all plans. The plan that you have will determine the benefits that you receive on your exam and glasses. We can determine if the plan is one that we are providers, however, we strongly encourage you to check with your employer on the benefits covered. There are many different medical/vision companies and plans and we cannot possibly know what benefits might be paid in your situation. This is the patient’s responsibility.

Please note that vision insurance does not cover medical eye exams. If you have a medical issue, you will need to schedule another exam for the medical issue in order to use your vision insurance. Please be sure to visit with the technician regarding your desire to use your vision insurance.

To Better Serve Our Patients

If you have a medical issue then the exam should be covered by your medical insurance subject to co-pays and deductibles. Please check with your employer’s Human Resources Department if you are unsure of the coverage you have.

If you have no vision insurance, please visit with the Receptionists or Billing Department Staff. We offer a discount to help those patients who have no coverage. You will be required to pay for your exam the day of service to receive the discount.